Loon … in Florida

Loon in FL

This picture was taken on Sarasota Bay, just south of Tampa in the Gulf of Mexico on March 30, 2022.

When fall migrating loons arrive here in FL they lose their distinctive black and white checkered coloring and go to a blah brown. They also make none of their famous calls here. Floridians think we are all nuts for doting on this boring bird! But then in the spring the famous feathers reappear and they head north. This one seems anxious to go but perhaps he has learned that all the northern lakes are still frozen!

  • Walt Bates

1 thought on “Loon … in Florida”

  1. Debbie Porsche

    Interesting fact. Didn’t know they change color. We recieved some snow here today in Hoffman Estates, IL.
    Not a very funny April Fools joke from our loved ones from above🙄

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