Black Oak Lake Shop


Walt Bates is handling the directories and will receive your order via e-mail at Directory booklets are $3 each and if snail mailed please add $2 for any sized order. You can just send a check directly to our Treasurer, Sue Woltman, at BOLPF, PO Box151, Land O Lakes, WI, 54540 and then advise Walt how many directories you paid for and want mailed to what address. Since you’re sending a check, you can include dues or donations as well but please break down how much is for what purpose.


You can buy Black Oak Lake merchandise as a means of benefiting the Black Oak Lake Preservation Foundation, as well as to show your love of the lake. Sara Beedie has many items in stock at her home. These include caps, shirts and lake map placemats. Periodically, Sara and Elizabeth Eaton will place large orders for BOL related clothing, glasses, maps, caps, etc. Our website News Feed and/or lake-wide emails will advise of these ordering opportunities.