Membership Dues and Donations

Black Oak Lake property owners, their family members and off-lake friends can become dues paying members of the Black Oak Lake Preservation Foundation (BOLPF)*. Tax deductible dues are $30 annually. You can mail your check made out to BOLPF to BOLPF, PO Box 151, Land O’ Lakes WI 54540, or bring it to the BOLPF annual meeting. Be sure to note that it is dues for the current year on your check. You may also make a tax deductible donation to BOLPF. If you are making a donation or paying dues for past or subsequent years, please indicate that on your check so we can keep our records accurate. Thanks for being part of the dues paying members of BOLPF. Your dues help to preserve Black Oak Lake as one of the most desirable recreational lakes in Wisconsin.

Other BOLPF fundraising consists of memorials, the silent auction at the annual picnic, sales of Black Oak related clothing or other items, various classes conducted by knowledgeable members, the progressive dinner,  outright donations and the “dollars for hours” program. This asks people to spend eight hours inspecting boats at the beach or to donate $100 which is about what we would have to pay an inspector for that amount of time.

*The Black Oak Riparian Owners Association (BOLROA) was recently merged into BOLPF to take advantage of some tax savings opportunities.