Lake Management Plan

Black Oak Lake Adaptive Management Plan…….by John Annin

With many thanks to Kristen (Bates) Barringer and her husband, Jason, the latest version of the Black Oak Lake Adaptive Management Plan (Phases 1 thru 6) has now been added to the BOLPF website.  

Work started on the plan in July of 2003 and has gone on continuously since then. We have been fortunate to have hundreds of volunteer hours from a large number of Black Oak folks who have worked on the project over the years and many continue to do so. We are also fortunate to have had the services of Dean Premo and his crew at White Water Associates for the entire twelve years since we started the project. In addition, through the work of John Annin we have been able to secure six Wisconsin DNR planning grants for a total of $60,000 during this time.

The upcoming chapter 7 of the Adaptive Management Plan discusses our Objectives and Actions both on-going and projects for the future. We are currently reviewing that information as we develop Phase 7 of the Adaptive Management Plan which will also include yet another DNR planning grant.  

Clicking on the link below downloads this 50MB file which can take up to four minutes depending on your speed.  In print it would comprise nearly 400 pages but the main write-up is just 33 pages long with the balance in many sections of back up data, charts, and tables. Chocked full of data are articles such as “A History of Black Oak Lake” by Conserve School historian and geologist, Paul McLeod, and the “Black Oak Lake Fisheries Summary” which includes extensive information on our strain of lake trout that are unique to Black Oak Lake. 

This product is chocked full of history that even the longest lived residents will admit they never knew. It is a must read for anyone with more than a passing interest in all things Black Oak.

BOL Adaptive Plan – Complete