Our Work

Preserving the natural beauty of Wisconsin's clearest lake

What we are doing to prevent aquatic invasive species

What we are doing to maintain water quality

The official Lake Management Plan

Safety guidelines and resources

Courtesy guidelines and resources

Information about the residential zoning status

What we are doing to gather and document the history of the lake, BOLROA/BOLPF, and Land O’ Lakes

What we are doing to report on the water level

What we are doing to report on the ice out history

Information and resources about our local wildlife, especially our beloved loons

Sunset/rise times, full moon rise times, stars, satellites, space station times and the northern lights

Other information about the lake, including the lake location and dimensions and satellite imagery


Information about the Department of Natural Resources, and pier and raft size and placement rules

Information about other lakes and rivers associations

Information about the town of Land O’ Lakes

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A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his father, but borrowed from his children.
James John Audubon
Naturalist, painter, ornithologist