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How to add a new member

  • How do I add a new member?
    • Our member limit is 300. So please delete any unneeded members before adding any new ones, as we are reaching our limit.
    • Login to the Admin Site
    • On the top left side, click on Membership Works
    • Enter your Membership Works login information, which is different than your other login information
    • On the left side, click on Members
    • Click Add
    • Enter the information
    • Make sure to enter the email under Email Addresses near the bottom, because the account email at the top is only used for their account, not for communications. So you need to enter the same email under emailaddress1 under Email Addresses near the bottom
    • Click Save
    • Click Close (top left)
    • Then search for the member under the Members list
    • Find the new member, and hover over their card
    • On the lower right, click Move
    • Select the member’s property
    • Make sure the “Keep a copy in this folder” is selected (should be red)
    • Click OK
    • Go to the website, and click on that property, and verify that the user was added to the property correctly.