Location and Dimensions

The approximate center of Black Oak Lake lays at the GPS coordinates N46 09.5 by W089 19.0.

This is 4.5 miles due west of Land O’ Lakes, WI. According to DNR data the lake encompasses 584 surface acres and has a shoreline of approximately 7.72 miles or 40,764 feet. The volume of the lake is 19,956 acre feet or 863,380,711 cubic feet or about 6.5 billion gallons. Another DNR lake survey shows that approximately 50% of Black Oak’s water is in its epilimnion (above the midsummer thermocline at about 30 feet of depth). Given that water density varies 0.2% between the water temperature of 4*C of winter and the epilimnion’s 20*C of summer the lake rises and falls just under one half inch between mid summer and the frozen time due to this warming and cooling. With a maximum depth of 87 feet Black Oak is one of the deepest lakes in the state. The elevation of its surface is 1,711 feet above mean sea level making it one of the highest lakes in the state. The origin of its name is unknown but is noted on maps of the early 1880s. It is somewhat puzzling as well since Black Oak trees do not grow north of about 200 miles south of here.  
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