Boat Inspection Program

Organized by Cheryl Mitchell and now run by Bill Foreman this effort assigns and trains paid inspectors and volunteers to man the Public Boat landing and conduct inspections of boats, trailers, PWCs – in short, anything that goes into the lake.

Black Oak Lake is famous for our dedicated program and boasts more than double the number of inspector hours spent on any other Wisconsin lake! This program covers the boat landing 13 hours per day every day from opening fishing to late October. Its roughly $25,000 annual cost is covered by a $4,000 state grant, “dollars for hours” contributions and our General Fund.

Please take a turn in providing this critical help towards keeping Black Oak Lake free of Aquatic Invasive Species.

Our Employee Inspector Bios and Work Schedule Information

For 2021, we will have most of last year’s crew returning. The primary ones are John Wigand, Gary Buss, Mike Barber, Buffy Schliesl and Karl Hoessel, a retired missionary who spent 25 years in Japan. Additionally, we hope to have adult children of lake residents.