Documents 1970 thru 1979

  1. 8/23/1975 Organization Proposed Letter to owners about forming an association. Named members of an organizing committee.
  2. 6/22/1976 Organization Formed Letter from organizing committee.
  3. 7/3/1976 First Annual Meeting Adopted constitution. First Board of Directors elected
  4. 7/31/1976 First Board of Directors Meeting First mention of rezoning lake frontage
  5. FALL 1976 Membership Newsletter Rezoning plan
  6. 6/4/1977 Board of Directors Meeting Director nominations. Rezoning.
  7. 6/22/1977 Meeting with VC Zoning Committee
  8. 6/25/1977 Board of Directors Meeting
  9. 7/2/1977 Annual Meeting Rezoning discussed
  10. 7/16/1977 Board of Directors Meeting Rezoning. Fish stocking. Complaints about high powered boats.
  11. 8/20/1977 Board of Directors Meeting
  12. SUMMER 1977 BOLROA Song Original copy of theme song from Chuck Bates.
  13. FALL 1977 Board of Directors Letter Letter to VC Board of Supervisors attempting to bypass the LOL Town Board to rezone the lake.
  14. SPRING 1978 Membership Newsletter Announces failure of rezoning petition to VC Board of Supervisors.
  15. FALL 1978 Membership Newsletter Rezoning Status. Lake Maps being produced. First mention of compiling a lake history. Copy of Town Zoning Laws.
  16. WINTER 1978 / 1979 Membership Newsletter High water. Fish stocking. High taxes. Abandoning rezoning.
  17. FALL 1979 Membership Newsletter High water. DNR netting report. Rezone recap and effort now abandoned.