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How to Upload a Document

  1. First, get the actual document downloaded to your personal computer.
    • If it is an email attachment, go to the email. Click next to the attachment and click “Download”
    • At the bottom of your screen a prompt will temporarily show up where you can click “Show All”
    • Then click “Show In Folder”
    • Make note of the folder path as well as the document name. Save these in a notepad document.
  2. Now, go to the BOL Admin Site:
    • Click on Media Library Folders Pro
    • Click Documents
    • Navigate to the folder where it should go. For example, Documents Documents_BOLPF > Documents_BOLPF_2021
    • Click Add File
    • Click Choose File
    • Navigate to the folder on your personal computer where you had put the document. Select the document
    • Click “Upload Image” (I realize that should say Document instead of Image)
    • Then, once it is uploaded, click on the document
    • You should see on the right side a “File URL”
    • Click “Copy URL to clipboard”
  3. Now, go to Pages
    • Search for the Page you want
    • Under the page, click Edit with Elementor
    • Click on the area of the page where the document should go
    • Then on the left side, add a title for your document (does not have to be the same as the file name)
    • Then, highlight the entire title of your document
    • Click the link symbol (looks like a chain link)
    • Click CTRL-V, which should paste the File URL you just copied.
    • Click the blue arrow
    • Click the green Update button
  4. To verify:
    • Go to the website
    • Go to the page where you added the document
    • Hover over the link you added
    • On the lower left, you will see a very small hyperlink message. It should start with “”
      If it starts with anything else, like file:////C:/Users or then you did not upload the file correctly and need to start over.
    • To be extra sure the file link works, open the page on your cell phone or someone else’s computer, and make sure the link works. It does not count to test it on your own computer, as internal links will work there.