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Hello Black Oak Lake,
You may have already heard that my brother-in-law, Scott Kuepfer, and I are doing a fundraiser for the Black Oak Lake Preservation Foundation. We are swimming around Black Oak Lake in 5 days. We decided to do this on a short notice without any training, or preparation. Broken into 5 days, the average length of our daily swim is between 1.25 miles and 1.71 miles.
Wednesday the 8th is a big day. It is our “hump day” getting over halfway of our swim. And any donations on Wednesday will be doubled, as we have a silent sponsor who will match up to $300. So, if you were planning to donate (and haven’t yet), make your donation count twice by donating this Wednesday!
And we are looking for a silent sponsor for matching donations on Thursday if anyone is willing to help. If so, please email or call me at the number below.
As Covid-19 has prevented our annual picnic and limited other fundraising events, we wanted to try to do our part. Here is a brief outline of our swim to achieve swimming around our beloved Black Oak Lake. Day 1 we swam from Barnum’s Pier to Loon Island (no stops). Day 2 we swam from Loon island to Little Horn in North Bay. Day 3 will be from Little Horn to the lighthouse. If you see us out come say hi and give us some needed support (this swim is expected to be the most difficult). Day 4 we plan to swim from the lighthouse and around Barbers Bay to the point and lastly Day 5 we are planning to swim from the East Shore back to the Barnum’s Pier.
After swimming through weeds for nearly an hour on day two we can personally say if Eurasian milfoil got into our lake this impromptu swim would not be possible.
The West Bay would be impossible to boat and swim in and all our docks would be overrun with milfoil. By spending money now with boat monitors and prevention we are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in any treatment options. Is there any treatment easier than prevention?
For all those who have already donated we appreciate your generosity and support. We thank you all for your comments and “thumbs up”. We blew past $500 in donations and are aiming for $2,500 now that we have some willing matching donations and our family and friends from near and far pitching in. We cannot express the joy and excitement this has brought to see it grow in just two days by your support. (this is all truly an unplanned family swim that quickly turned into a fundraiser!)
If you’re able to donate, please do so tomorrow and help us get to $300 to get full amount of matching donation. If you’re willing to do a silent match please contact me below. We look forward to swimming past your pier Wednesday through Little Horn and the entire North Shore. We’ll keep posting updates and solicitations. Thank you!

See you on the Lake,

Jack Barnum
Cell: 832-863-4497
Email: jbarnumk@gmail.com
Donations: can also be made on Black Oak Lake’s Facebook page

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